Room Full of Songs

(a BMI Gospel Music Publishing Company)

A Cowboy's Prayer T. Spencer
A Cowboy's Sunday Prayer T. Spencer
A Day Like Any Day T. Dartt
Abide With Me T. Spencer
Behold The Lamb Of God T. Spencer
Bind Our Hearts R. Evans & N. Allen
Blood Stained Pages (co-published by Manna Music, Inc.) L. Stalnecker & H. Spencer
Breaking Down The Walls R. Ballentine
Christmas Means Jesus L. Stalnecker & W. Mills
Church Goin' People T. Spencer
Circuit Ridin' Preacher, The T. Spencer
Climbin' Jacob's Ladder T. Spencer
Come Again No More T. Spencer
Cowboy Camp Meetin' T. Spencer
Defender L. Stalnecker
Dream Away R. Evans & N. Allen
Everlasting Love Of God The Father T. Spencer
Flag And The Cross, The T. Dartt
Future World L. Stalnecker
God Has Been Good (Real Good To Me) T. Spencer
God Isn't Dead R. Evans
God On The Mountain T. Dartt
God Will Be Holding My Hand T. Spencer
God's Battle Ground A. Harkins & E. Goff
Golden Slippers T. Spencer
Grandpa Song aka I Sing The Mighty Power Of God R. Evans & N. Allen
Great I Am, The (Co own with Carlotta Publishing—Front Line Records) L. Stalnecker
Hallelujah, Home At Last E. Wright
He Didn't Have To Go T. Dartt
He Finds Time For Me E. Wright
He Is King L. Stalnecker
Headlights On the Highway L. Stalnecker
Heartbeat L. Stalnecker
Holy R. Evans & N. Allen
How Wonderful To Know T. Spencer
I Sing The Mighty Power Of God aka Grandpa Song R. Evans & N. Allen
I Thank My Maker T. Spencer
I Want To Be More Like Jesus R. Evans & N. Allen
I Won't Make His Dying in Vain T. Dartt & A.B. Harkins
I'm Saved L. Stalnecker
I'll Be There T. Spencer
In The Beginning R. Evans & N. Allen
In The Light Of The Lord T. Spencer
It Was I A. B. Harkins
Judgment Throne Of God T. Dartt
Just Say No L. Stalnecker
Last Gospel Song, The T. Dartt
Little Bit Of Faith T. Dartt
Love Isn't Over Till There's A Broken Heart R. Evans
Man With The Nail Scarred Hands, The A. B. Harkins
Matter Of Policy T. Dartt
More Than Just A Carpenter T. Dartt
Mother's Heart R. Evans & N. Allen
Movin' In The Spirit L. Stalnecker
Mr. Lonely L. Stalnecker
My God Will Meet Your Every Need T. Dartt
My Heart Went That A Way D. Evans & Roy Rogers
My King Of All Kings T. Spencer
Of God I Sing aka To The Hills I Lift Mine Eyes T. Spencer & J. Edwin Orr
Of Thee I Sing C. Walker
On That Great And Notable Day A. B. Harkins & S. Stone
One Who Is Waiting L. Stalnecker
Open Your Heart aka To The Hills I Lift Mine Eyes T. Spencer & J. E. Orr
Our God Will Wipe Away All Tears T. Spencer
Pioneers Of Our Faith T. Spencer
Power Of God, The L. Stalnecker
Praise God, Hallelujah T. Spencer
Prodigal Son, The T. Spencer
Rain On Me, Rein In Me L. Stalnecker, L. Knauls, H. Spencer
Raindrops From Heaven T. Dartt
Read The Bible Every Day T. Spencer
Scars On Jesus Christ, The A. B. Harkins
Sea Walker, The T. Spencer
Sinner Man T. Dartt
So Sow Love L. Stalnecker
Sweet Mother Of Mine Margaret Aikens Jenkins
Thank You For The Sunshine A. B. Harkins
This Old World Can Never Hold Me T. Spencer, M. Bigler, & K. Norwood
This Wicked World T. Spencer
To The Hills I Lift Mine Eyes aka Of God I Sing T. Spencer & J. E. Orr
Together In Him T. Dartt
Too High, Too Wide, And Too Low T. Spencer
Upright Man L. Stalnecker & M. Farner
Warrior Of The Word L. Stalnecker
Watch What You Do T. Spencer
We Shall Be Like Him S. Stone
We've Got A Great Big Wonderful God T. Spencer
Wesley Brothers, The T. Spencer, H. Griswold, & J. Shuler
When Your Name's On The Payroll Of God T. Spencer
With Just Three Nails L. Stalnecker