Upon founding Manna Music in 1955, Tim Spencer began contractual associations with Audrey Mieir and Doris Akers that included such now-famous Gospel songs as His Name Is Wonderful, Sweet, Sweet Spirit, To Be Used Of God, I’ll Never Be Lonely, I Cannot Fail The Lord, Don’t Spare Me, Sweet Jesus, and many others.


Shortly after that, Manna attained ownership of How Great Thou Art, written by Stuart K. Hine.  Presently it is considered, and has been for several years, to be the most popular Gospel song in the world.

During the first part of Manna’s 50 years, much support and participation came from such notables as Phil Kerr, Bill Carle, Stuart Hamblen, Jack Holcomb, Tony Fontane, Cindy Walker, Jimmy Owens, Ralph Carmichael, Paul Mickelson, and other great arrangers, composers and Gospel recording artists.  With continued growth, Manna expanded from printing sheet music to include choir collections, instrumental arrangements, personality song books, and musicals.


Upon assuming leadership of Manna Music in 1969, Hal Spencer began working with such composers and arrangers as Andraé Crouch, Danny Lee, Andrew Culverwell, Dwight Elrich, Dick Bolks, Robert Cull, and Bob Ralston.  New compositions such as Through It All, The Blood Will Never Lose Its Power, I Find no Fault In Him, Spread A Little Love Around, Lord, Make Me Your Vessel, Heaven, Born Again, Come On Ring Those Bells, This Is The Song, Welcome To The Family, We’ve Come This Far By Faith, and I’ve Never Seen The Righteous Forsaken, were added to the catalog.


In the 70’s and early 80’s, Manna began producing record albums with such artists and arrangers as Doris Akers, Audrey Mieir, Andrew Culverwell, Paul Sandberg, Johnny Zell, Lillie Knauls, Rich Cook, Fred Frank, Dale Evans, Sharon Harris, Fred Bock, The Crownsmen Quartet, The Californians, The Kathryn Kuhlman Choir, Ralph Carmichael, Dick Bolks, Richard Page, Tom Keene, Paul Johnson, and others.  Soon to be released were successful musicals such as Mary Had A Little Lamb, Life Just Keeps On Happening, Happy Birthday, Merry Christmas, His Fleece Was White As Snow, In His Presence, and the Christmas musical Sing Christmas.


Manna continued to develop its list of composers, adding to the staff, Rich Cook, Phil Barfoot, Tracy Dartt, Lynn Keesecker, Jerry Sinclair, Wendell St. Clair, and Ronn Christopher, with such songs as Alleluia, God On The Mountain, He’s Here Right Now, Lord, You Do All Things Well, Time To Renew, Start Smilin’ Again, Follow The Leader, Jesus, Your Presence Makes Me Whole, Jesus Makes The Difference, and Touch Me Again One More Time.  Octavos featured such well-known arrangers as Dick Bolks, Dwight Elrich, Ron Soderwall, Jack Coleman, Paul Mickelson, Paul Ferrin, Walter Ehret, Kurt Kaiser, Tom Fettke, and Fred Bock.


In 1979 Hal Spencer accepted the ASCAP Award for Manna Music as GOSPEL PUBLISHER OF THE YEAR.