(an ASCAP Gospel Music Publishing Co)
 117 Short Wolgemuth, Dan
 A Brand New Song Harris, Sharon
 A Christ-Centered Life Gonzalo, Carrie
 A Glimpse Of Jesus Haag, Preston
 A New Song Wilson, David
 A New Song Maule, Bill and Cathy Peters
 A Plan That Will Last McClenagan, Michael
 A Praise Hymn Ulrich, Lorraine
 A Servant For Thee Akers, Doris
 A Song He Gave To Me Chitwood, Joe
 A Song In Your Heart Mieir, Audrey and Wendell St. Clair
 A Song Of Praise Andersen, Steve
 A Walk In The Glen Scott, Frank and Don Roseland
 A Wonderful Feeling Spencer, Hal
 Abide With Me Roe, Gloria
 Abundant Life Sinclair, Jerry
 Action  Benedict, Em
 Addict’s Plea, The Crouch, Andraé
 Adoration Farrer, Carl Edvert
 Afterwhile Mieir, Audrey
 Ahmed Barfoot, Phil
 All Day All Night Crouch, Andraé
 All For You Hughes, Keith R.
 All He Wants Is You  Mieir, Audrey
 All I Ask Of You Norbet, Gregory and Weston Priory
 All I Know Keesecker, Lynn
 All I Need Is You Cull, Robert
 All My Praise Low, Bonnie
 All My Trails Elrich, Dwight (arranger)
 All Of Me Christopher, Ronn
 All That I Am Chitwood, Joe
 All The Way Culverwell, Andrew
 All The Way My Savior Leads Harris, Ron
 All This And Heaven Too Spencer, Hal and Pendleton Brown
 All You Need Akers, Doris
 Alleluia Sinclair, Jerry
 Alone Culverwell, Andrew
 Always The Same Scott, Frank and Don Roseland
 Amazing Grace Elrich, Dwight (arranger)
 Amazing Grace Hand Bell Boersma, James G. (arranger)
 Amen Crain, Richard (arranger)
 Amen Barfoot, Phil (arranger)
 Amen Elrich, Dwight (arranger)
 And He Is Mine McNees, Leroy and Steve Hatfield
 And Now He Lives Barfoot, Phil
 And This Shall Be A Sign Ford, Olive and Em Benedict
 Another Stage (split w/ WORD) Kaiser, Kurt and Hal Spencer
 Anyway I Can aka I Just Love My Jesus Crouch, Andraé
 Are You Ready To Sing Akers, Doris
 As Only God Above Can Do Lile, Bobby
 Ask What You Will Akers, Doris
 Back In the Fold Again Lee, Danny
 Ballad Of A Soul And A Soldier, The Wilson, David
 Be Anxious Over Nothing Mieir, Audrey
 Be Faithful Mieir, Audrey
 Be Thou My Vision Elrich, Dwight (arranger)
 Beauty Of The Ashes Lee, Danny and Connie Lemack
 Because He Touched Me Mieir, Audrey
 Behind The Shadows Hopkins, Thomas A. and Jim Owens
 Believe Mieir, Audrey
 Believing Is Seeing Keesecker, Lynn
 Best Friend Culverwell, Andrew
 Beyond The Cross Mieir, Audrey and Luther Mieir
 Beyond The Grave English, Biney
 Beyond The Hills Of Bethlehem Hice, Bethel
 Beyond This Place Mieir, Audrey
 Blame It On Jesus Lee, Danny
 Blessed Is The Man Soderwall, Ron
 Blessed Jesus Miller, James and Isabelle
 Blood Stained Pages (co-published by Room Full Of So Spencer, Hal and Lauren Stalnecker
 Blood Will Never Lose Its Power, The Crouch, Andraé
 Blue Grass McNees, Leroy and Steve Hatfield
 Bonnie Dundee Spencer, Glenn J.
 Born Again Culverwell, Andrew
 Born To Be Born Again (Split w/ Word 50/50) Borup, Niles and Lynn Keesecker 
 Bought With A Price Mieir, Audrey
 Brand New Creation Keesecker, Lynn
 Bread Of Adversity Mieir, Audrey
 Bread That’s Cast Upon The Water Akers, Doris
 Bright Canaan Elrich, Dwight (arranger)
 Bring Back The King Mieir, Audrey
 Broken Chains Brown, Larry
 Broken Vessel, The Crouch, Andraé
 Bubbles, You Finally Made It Hunter, Dan (and The Crownsmen)
 Build Your Faith Keesecker, Lynn
 Buried Alive Cook, Rich
 But I Do Know Calkin, Ruth Harms
 By Faith We Can Know Duncan, Leo
 By Grace Mieir, Audrey
 California Christian Hatfield, Steve and Leroy McNees
 Call My Name Barski, Rosalie
 Camp Meeting Ground, The Hughes, Keith R.
 Can I Have This Happiness Akers, Doris
 Careless Mieir, Audrey
 Carried Away Mieir, Audrey
 Carry the Torch (Split with Word 50/50) Keesecker, Lynn and David Baroni
 Cat And The Mouse, The Coleman, Jack L.
 Catching Time Mieir, Audrey
 Caution To The Wind (Dwight Liles) (Split with Word 50/ Keesecker, Lynn
 Certainly Mieir, Audrey
 Change It  Williams, Charles
 Child Of His Love Wolgemuth, Dan
 Children Of The King Barker, Dan
 Children’s Prayer, The Low, Bonnie and Glenn Spencer
 Choosing Rather Mieir, Audrey
 Christ Has Risen On Elrich, Dwight (arranger)
 Christ Makes The Difference Robinson, Eddie
 Christmas Ford, Olive and Em Benedict
 Christmas Bells Ford, Olive and Em Benedict
 Christmas Every Day  Lehman Lois Paul
 Christmas Is A Savior Born Harem, Irma
 Christmas Means Jesus Stalnecker, Lauren
 Climbin’ Jacob’s Ladder Akers, Doris
 Closer To Home Spencer, Hal
 Colored Christmas Lights Spencer, Hal
 Come All Creation Keesecker, Lynn and Claire Cloninger
 Come Along Elrich, Dwight (arranger)
 Come Along To Shakeys  Culverwell, Andrew
 Come Into My Chamber Knauls, Lilly
 Come On Ring Those Bells Culverwell, Andrew
 Come Thou Fount Boersma, James G. (arranger)
 Come To Jesus Brown, Pendleton
 Come To My House Culverwell, Andrew
 Come To The Lord Ritter, Phil
 Come With Me Mieir, Audrey
 Come, Holy Spirit, Come McKenna, Lu Ella
 Comfort For The Sorrow Mieir, Audrey
 Coming In The Cloud Hughes, Keith R.
 Coming Time Elrich, Dwight (arranger)
 Coming Time Is Near Mieir, Audrey
 Compassion Of God Mieir, Audrey
 Competence Harris, Sharon and David Dupree
 Condemned Mieir, Audrey
 Conquered In Jesus Name Mieir, Audrey
 Consume Me Mieir, Audrey
 Count Down, The McClenagan, Michael
 Count Your Blessings Duncan, Leo
 Crossroad, The Spencer, Glenn J.
 Crown In The Cradle Keesecker, Lynn and Lynn Bowden
 Crucified With Christ Adams, Marty
 Cuan Grande Es El Hine, Stuart K.
 Dare To Believe Mieir, Audrey
 Dave Boyer Testimony Barfoot, Phil
 Dear God, Bless Mommy And Daddy Keesecker, Lynn and Bob Larson
 Dear Lord and Father Soderwall, Ron and John G. Whitter
 Death Could Not Keep Him Bound Collins, David L.
 Death Is Swallowed Up In Victory Cook, Rich
 Decision Eckler, Greg
 Deeper In The Lord (I Want To Go) Akers, Doris
 Devil, Devil Go Away Spencer, Hal
 Do I Believe In Miracles Benedict, Em
 Do I Dare Phillips, Gary and Dick Williams
 Do It Now Mieir, Audrey
 Do You Care Snyder, Marj
 Don’t Break The Circle Roseland, Don
 Don’t Let Go Christopher, Ronn
 Don’t Say, Just Pray Mieir, Audrey
 Don’t Spare Me Mieir, Audrey
 Don’t Stop Using Me Akers, Doris
 Don’t Waste Your Precious Years Gonzalo, Carrie
 Don’t You Care Hatfield, Steve and Leroy McNees
 Don’t You Just Love The Lord Akers, Doris
 Don’t You Know Culverwell, Andrew
 Down Deep In My Heart  Lambert, O.A., Johnny Hope and Emil King
 Doxology Elrich, Dwight (arranger)
 Dusty Roads Of Galilee, The Barry, Jody
 Easy Piano And Organ Bock, Fred (arranger)
 Echoes Of Calvary Mieir, Audrey
 Empty Handed Peters, Dale
 Entrusted Mieir, Audrey
 Eternal Champion Hunter, Ted and Penny
 Even So, Come, Lord Jesus Finley, Dora
 Even The Praise Comes From You Cloninger, Claire and Lynn Keesecker
 Everlasting Arms (Of God) The Chitwood, Joe
 Everlasting Light Low, Bonnie
 Evermore Harris, Sharon and Cindy Johnson
 Everybody Ought To Know Elrich, Dwight (arranger)
 Everytime I Feel The Spirit Elrich, Dwight (arranger)
 Everytime I Pray Mieir, Audrey
 Everywhere Crouch, Andraé
 Fader Var Kaslison, Pele
 Fairest Lord Jesus Elrich, Dwight (arranger)
 Family Reunion De Seguirant, David
 Father  Forgive Them Collins, David L.
 Father God Eriksson, Bengt and Lennart Jernestrand
 Fear Thou Not Mieir, Audrey
 Fill Me English, Biney
 Find A Mountain Culverwell, Andrew
 First Love Williams, Dick
 First Shall Be The Last Ones, The Lee, Danny
 Follow All The Way Mieir, Audrey
 Follow Me Culverwell, Andrew
 Follow The Leader Keesecker, Lynn
 Following Him Spencer, Glenn J.
 For Better Or Worse Finch, John D.
 For He Has Come Collins, David L.
 For Norman Snyder, Marj
 Forever For Jesus Mieir, Audrey
 Forever Gone Snyder, Marj
 Freedom Loves To Sing Coleman, Jack L.
 Freely I Give To You Garrity, Dennis
 Fresh Start Cook, Rich
 From The Cradle To The Cross Spencer, Hal and Phil Barfoot
 Fruit Of The Spirit Sinclair, Jerry
 Get It On With Jesus Lee, Danny
 Get Yourself Together Eckler, Greg
 Give Him Praise  Barfoot, Phil
 Give Me Oil In My Lamp Elrich, Dwight (arranger)
 Glimpse Of Glory Mieir, Audrey
 Glory To God Barfoot, Phil
 God Snyder, Marj
 God Be Magnified Eckler, Greg
 God Be With You Barry, Jody
 God Child Ritter, Carl
 God Has A Sense Of Humor Benedict, Em
 God Hears And Answers Prayer Mieir, Audrey
 God Is Good Ehret, Walter (arranger)
 God Is King Barker, Dan
 God Is Love Elrich, Dwight (arranger)
 God Is So Good Akers, Doris
 God Isn’t Dead Evans, Dale
 God Reveals Himself To Me Ulrich, Lorraine
 God Said It, I Believe It McClenagan, Michael
 God Spoke To Me One Day Akers, Doris
 God Will Be Holding My Hand Slaughter, Henry (arranger)
 God Will Come Into Your Heart Lee, Danny
 God Will Come Into Your Life Elrich, Dwight (arranger)
 God Will If You Will Akers, Doris
 God Willed It So Goodson, Albert A.
 God’s Little Lamb (Mary’s Song) Barker, Dan
 God’s Love For Me Chitwood, Joe
 God’s Love Is Such A Beautiful Thing Smith, Gloria Jeanne
 God’s Plan Benedict, Em
 God’s Victory Harris, Jon Richard
 God’s Afterglow Mieir, Audrey
 God’s Great Love Mieir, Audrey
 Going His Way Haag, Preston
 Golden Dreams Akers, Doris
 Gone Are The Days Gonzalo, Carrie
 Gone, Buried and Lost Mieir, Audrey and Wendell St. Clair
 Gonna Get Together Wilson, David
 Good News (Sheep’s Song) Barker, Dan
 Good News Melody Barfoot, Phil
 Got A Whole World In His Hands Boersma, James G. (arranger)
 Great Defender, The Keesecker, Lynn and Lynn Bowden
 Greatest Gift, The Wright, Eleanor
 Greatest Love Letter, The Sander, Evert
 Grow Closer Akers, Doris
 Grow Closer Frazer, Thurston
 Growing Up Benedict, Em
 Guide Me, Lord Mieir, Audrey
 Hallelujah Home At Last Wright, Eleanor
 Hallelujah To The King (And Then I Saw) Collins, David L.
 Hallelujah, I’m Free Crouch, Andraé
 Hallelujah, Praise The Lord Spencer, Hal
 Hand Bell Collection Boersma, James G. (arranger)
 Happiness Is Low, Bonnie
 Happy Birthday, Merry Christmas Ford, Olive and Em Benedict
 Harmony Mieir, Audrey
 Have A Nice Day Hatfield, Steve and Leroy McNees
 Have Faith In God Mieir, Audrey
 Have I Done My Best Mieir, Audrey
 He Abides  Shanks
 He Belongs To Me Mieir, Audrey
 He Came To Love Us Barfoot, Phil
 He Came To Us Williamsons, Dave
 He Comes To Me Mieir, Audrey
 He Delivered Me Akers, Doris
 He Did More Than That Snider, Judy
 He Doeth All Things Well Rasberry, Raymond
 He Finds Time For Me Wright, Eleanor
 He Forgives And Forgets Keesecker, Lynn and Claire Cloninger
 He Gives Me Cheer Mieir, Audrey
 He Had It Planned Long Ago Culverwell, Andrew
 He Has Answered Prayer Chitwood, Joe
 He Hideth My Soul Pagan, Keith A. and Mrs. Bill Gregory
 He Is Born In Bethlehem Barfoot, Phil
 He Is Born In Bethlehem Barker, Dan
 He Is Coming Mieir, Audrey
 He is Coming Again Mieir, Audrey
 He Is Lord Elrich, Dwight (arranger)
 He Is Not Willing Mieir, Audrey
 He Is The One Who Loves You Barski, Rosalie
 He Keeps Me Singing Mieir, Audrey
 He Knoweth Mieir, Audrey
 He Knows And He Cares Akers, Doris
 He Lifted Me Gabriel, Charles
 He Liveth Kerr, Phil
 He Looks On The Heart Keesecker, Lynn and Lynn Bowden
 He Loves Me Mieir, Audrey
 He Made Me An Offer (That I Could Not Refuse) Spencer, Hal
 He May Never Pass This Way Again Mieir, Audrey
 He Never Left His Children Robinson, Eddie
 He Never Sleeps Crouch, Andraé
 He Only Sends Rain To Help Me Grow Harris, Sharon
 He Really Has Set Me Free Culverwell, Andrew
 He Satisfied That Longing In My Soul Owens, Jim
 He That Endureth Crouch, Andraé
 He Took My Nothing Cook, Rich
 He Walks With The Wild And The Lonely Nolan, Bob
 He’ll Make My Dream Come True Miller, C. Leslie
 He’ll Never Fail Mieir, Audrey
 He’ll Never Leave Me Gonzalo, Carrie
 He’ll Understand And Say Well Done Campbell, Lucy
 He’s A Light Unto My Pathway Akers, Doris
 He’s Alright With Me Akers, Doris
 He’s Coming Back Again Lee, Danny
 He’s Done It Before Mieir, Audrey
 He’s Everywhere Akers, Doris
 He’s Got The Whole World In His Hands Elrich, Dwight (arranger)
 He’s Here Right Now Cook, Rich
 He’s More Faithful To Me Cook, Rich
 He’s Right Here Right Now Booher, Kathryn
 He’s The Calm In The Midst Of The Storm McClenagan, Michael
 He’s The Children’s Savior Low, Bonnie
 He’s The Lord Keesecker, Lynn and Claire Cloninger
 He’s The Only Way Coleman, Jack L.
 He’s The Same Sinclair, Jerry
 He’s The Shepherd Of My Soul Ortega, Rick
 He’s Willing   Mieir, Audrey
 Heart Song Harris, Sharon
 Heaven McSpadden, Boyd and Helen
 Heaven For Me Mieir, Audrey
 Heights Of Happiness Sutera, Ralph and Louis
 Hello Sunshine Finch, John D.
 Help Me   Best, Trevor D.
 Help Me Speedily Mieir, Audrey
 Here Comes Jesus Elrich, Dwight (arranger)
 Here I Am Lord St. Clair, Wendell and Lynn Keesecker
 Here Is All Of  Me Cull, Robert
 Here We Come Rejoicing Low, Bonnie
 Here’s One Elrich, Dwight (arranger)
 Hey, Ol’ Jonah Ingraham, Pete and Dan Barker
 Hidden Strength Mieir, Audrey
 Hills Of Home, The Mieir, Audrey
 His Banner Over Me Is Love Elrich, Dwight (arranger)
 His Favor Barker, Dan
 His Fleece Was White As Snow Barker, Dan
 His Grace Is More Than Enough Andersen, Steve
 His Love Ehret, Walter (arranger)
 His Nail-Pierced Hands Hatfield, Steve and Leroy McNees
 His Name Is Wonderful  Mieir, Audrey
 His Peace Williams, Dick
 His Ways Barski, Rosalie
 Hold On  Cook, Rich
 Holy Hands Farrer, Carl Edvert (arranger)
 Holy Spirit Lee, Danny
 Holy Spirit Ferrin, Paul (arranger)
 Holy Spirit, Thanks For The Rain aka Thanks For The R Akers, Doris
 Holy, Holy, Holy Brown, Pendleton
 Homesick For Heaven Andersen, Steve
 Honey In That Rock Akers, Doris
 How Big Is God Akers, Doris
 How Could I Ever Leave You Sinclair, Jerry
 How Far Mieir, Audrey
 How Great Thou Art Hine, Stuart K. (composer)
 How I Know God Is Real Goodson, Albert A.
 How Much He Cared Mieir, Audrey
 How Much He Cares Calkin, Ruth Harms
 How Sweet It Is (To Know The Lord) Crouch, Andraé
 How Sweet The Name Of Jesus Sounds Elrich, Dwight (arranger)
 How Will You Know Mieir, Audrey
 I Ain’t Felt Nothing Like This Before Christopher, Ronn
 I Am A Christian Mieir, Audrey
 I Am Determined Mieir, Audrey
 I Am In His Hands Mieir, Audrey
 I Am Persuaded Mieir, Audrey
 I Am Praying For You (arrangement only) Soderwall, Ron
 I Am The Way Collins, David L.
 I Believe In The Father Lee, Danny
 I Believe In You Barker, Dan
 I Belong To Jesus Gonzalo, Carrie
 I Can Cloninger, Claire and Lynn Keesecker
 I Can Never Hide (Psalm 139) Barski, Rosalie
 I Can’t Make It By Myself McClenagan, Michael
 I Cannot Fail The Lord Akers, Doris
 I Cannot Hide From You, Oh Lord Barfoot, Phil
 I Cannot Tell It All Crouch, Andraé
 I Didn’t Know Him, But He Knew About Me Akers, Doris
 I Didn’t Think It Could Be Crouch, Andraé
 I Don’t Want Much, I Want Everything                               Cloninger, Claire and George Fuller, II
 I Don’t Wear Old Rags Cook, Rich
 I Felt The Spirit Akers, Doris
 I Find No Fault In Him Crouch, Andraé
 I Found It  Brown, Larry and Dale Wade
 I Found Life In Christ Gonzalo, Carrie
 I Found Something Elrich, Dwight (arranger)
 I Found The Truth Culverwell, Andrew
 I Give To You  Barfoot, Phil
 I Have A Friend  Sammon, Mary L. and Donald H. Smith
 I Have Decided To Follow Jesus Elrich, Dwight (arranger)
 I Have Nothing Culverwell, Andrew
 I Have Overcome Cook, Rich
 I Have Today Spiegal, Dennis and Bruce Broughton
 I Heard God Today Mieir, Audrey
 I Heard The Voice Of Jesus Harris, Ron
 I Just Got Religion Akers, Doris
 I Just Love My Jesus aka Anyway I Can Crouch, Andraé
 I Just Want To Serve Him Cook, Rich
 I Know A Fount’ So Wondrous Blest Andreasen, Bodil
 I Know He Cares Mieir, Audrey
 I Know He Is Mine Ehret, Walter (arranger)
 I Know He’s Mine Culverwell, Andrew
 I Know Jesus Spencer, Hal
 I Know The Story Akers, Doris
 I Know What A Savior He Is    Keesecker, Lynn, Claire Cloninger, and Mark Lowry
 I Know Where I’m Going Elrich, Dwight (arranger)
 I Long To Find Perfect Peace Mieir, Audrey
 I Love Him Because He First Loved Me Crouch, Andraé
 I Love My Precious Jesus Ritter, Phil
 I Love Praising The Name Of The Lord Barfoot, Phil
 I Love The Lord  Keesecker, Lynn
 I Love The Lord Mieir, Audrey
 I Love You, Lord Wolgemuth, Dan
 I Need You Every Moment Of My Life Spencer, Hal
 I Never Knew Joy Before Akers, Doris
 I Prayed For You  Mannes, Lauralee
 I Rather Meet Jesus Cook, Rich
 I Remember The Time Chitwood, Joe
 I See God Everywhere Lee, Danny
 I See Your Face Culverwell, Andrew
 I Shall Never Let Go His Hand Crouch, Andraé
 I Stand In Awe Spencer, Hal
 I Stopped Dying And Started Living Akers, Doris
 I Sure Do Love The Lord Akers, Doris
 I Want To Please Him Gonzalo, Carrie
 I Want To Please Jesus Mieir, Audrey
 I Was Amazed Mieir, Audrey
 I Was There When The Spirit Came Akers, Doris
 I Will Arise Elrich, Dwight (arranger)
 I Will Not Question Mieir, Audrey
 I Will Praise Him Ulrich, Lorraine
 I Will Pray Spencer, Hal
 I Will Sing Mieir, Audrey
 I Won’t Move Unless He Tells Me Akers, Doris
 I Worship You Mieir, Audrey
 I Would Go Where They Are Mieir, Audrey
 I’ll Be A Christian Mieir, Audrey
 I’ll Be Back English, Biney
 I’ll Be Back Again Lee, Danny
 I’ll Be Following You Brown, Pendleton
 I’ll Be Free To Live Aderholt, Norman
 I’ll Carry On Aderholt, Norman
 I’ll Never Be Lonely Again Mieir, Audrey
 I’ll Never Be The Same Again Gonzalo, Carrie
 I’ll Never Forget  Crouch, Andraé
 I’ll Understand Mieir, Audrey
 I’m Following Jesus Harper, Redd
 I’m Glad That I’m American Mieir, Audrey and Wendell St. Clair
 I’m Glad To Know There’s A Heaven Akers, Doris
 I’m Going About My Father’s Business Eckler, Greg and James Felix
 I’m Gonna Rise Sinclair, Jerry
 I’m Gonna See Jesus English, Biney
 I’m Gonna Sing Elrich, Dwight (arranger)
 I’m Gonna Take A Trip Barry, Jody
 I’m Here To Stay Mieir, Audrey
 I’m Not Satisfied Yet Akers, Doris
 I’m Saved  Lee, Danny
 I’m So Glad Smith, Donald H.
 I’m So Happy  Mieir, Audrey
 I’m Sure Of His Love Doornbos, Mary L.
 I’m Waiting Chitwood, Joe
 I’ve Been Born Again Crouch, Andraé
 I’ve Been Bought With A Price Cook, Rich
 I’ve Found Something Akers, Doris
 I’ve Got A Glimpse Of Jesus Harmon, Bill
 I’ve Got A Melody  Kerr, Phil
 I’ve Got A Melody (Phil Kerr) Ferrin, Paul (arranger)
 I’ve Got It Crouch, Andraé
 I’ve Got Jesus Crouch, Andraé
 I’ve Got To Love You Akers, Doris
 I’ve Never Seen The Righteous Forsaken Dennis Jr., Archie
 If Mieir, Audrey
 If God Be For Us Keesecker, Lynn
 If I Created You Culverwell, Andrew
 If I Didn’t Know Akers, Doris
 If I Had My Way Cantrell, Jim
 If I Had Not Jesus Mieir, Audrey
 If I Had Ten Thousand Tongues  Akers, Doris
 If My People Swanson, Darlene Janzen
 If You Have Jesus Mieir, Audrey
 If You Know Christ Finch, John D.
 If You Only Knew Keesecker, Lynn and Claire Cloninger
 If You Really Love Him Mieir, Audrey
 If You’ll Take My Jesus Today Willets, Ethel
 If You’ve Tried Everything Crouch, Andraé
 Imitator Keesecker, Lynn
 In Christ There Is No East Or West Elrich, Dwight (arranger)
 In Everything I Do Cook, Rich
 In His Grace Smith, Donald H.
 In His Presence Barfoot, Phil
 In Jesus’ Name Mieir, Audrey
 In Remembrance Mieir, Audrey
 In The Book Of Acts Wilson, David
 In The Greatness Of Your Excellence Brown, Pendleton
 In The Middle Of The Night Harmon, Bill
 In The Name Of Jesus Cantrell, Jim
 In The Spirit We Are One Barfoot, Phil
 In The Stillness Of The Night  Lee, Danny
 Inhabit My Praise Cook, Rich and Wendell St. Clair
 Inner Place Of Prayer, The Mieir, Audrey
 Inside Information Keesecker, Lynn
 Irresistible Love Keesecker, Lynn and Claire Cloninger
 Is There Any Peace Anywhere Akers, Doris
 It  Matters To Him Bolks, Dick (arranger)
 It Is Almost Over English, Biney
 It Is Jesus Akers, Doris
 It Matters To Him Mieir, Audrey
 It Means A Lot To Know Jesus For Yourself Akers, Doris
 It Rained Akers, Doris
 It’s A Beautiful Morning Benedict, Em
 It’s A Rock Culverwell, Andrew
 It’s Almost Over Christopher, Ronn
 It’s Been So Good To Be Here With You Christopher, Ronn
 It’s Gonna Be A Morning To Remember Barry, Jody
 It’s Happenings Aderholt, Norman
 It’s Just A Test Akers, Doris
 It’s Mine Cook, Rich
 It’s Not Who You Are Shirley, Rick
 It’s Real, It’s Real, It’s Real Akers, Doris
 It’s Your Life Slaughter, Henry (arranger)
 Jacob’s Ladder Elrich, Dwight (arranger)
 Jessie  Spencer, Hal
 Jesus And Me  Spencer, Hal
 Jesus I Adore You Barfoot, Phil
 Jesus Is A Friend Of Mine Lee, Danny
 Jesus Is Born Ford, Olive and Em Benedict
 Jesus Is Born Today Akers, Doris
 Jesus Is Coming Again Barker, Dan
 Jesus Is Mine Wolgemuth, Dan
 Jesus Is The Lamb Akers, Doris
 Jesus Is The Most Wonderful Person Ritter, Carl
 Jesus Is The Name Akers, Doris
 Jesus Is The Rock Of Ages aka There Could Never Be Doornbos, Mary L.
 Jesus Loves Even Me Keesecker, Lynn
 Jesus Loves Me Harris, Ron (arranger)
 Jesus Loves Me Very Much Coleman, Jack L.
 Jesus Makes The Difference Christopher, Ronn
 Jesus Watches Me Spencer, Hal
 Jesus Your Presence Makes Me Whole Elrich, Dwight (arranger)
 Jesus, He Is The Son Of God Lee, Danny
 Jesus, I Love You Brown, Pendleton
 Jesus, Jesus Mieir, Audrey
 Jesus, Jesus, I Want To Thank You Martin, Gary
 Jesus, Jesus, Rock Of Ages Lee, Danny
 Jesus, Life Giver Sinclair, Jerry
 Jesus, My Comforter Gonzalo, Carrie
 Jesus, My Wonderful Lord Gonzalo, Carrie
 Jesus, Oh Jesus Cook, Rich
 Jesus, Thanks A Million Mieir, Audrey
 Jesus, The Light Of The World Lee, Estelle
 Jesus, We Feel Your Presence Here Barfoot, Phil
 Jesus, Your Presence Makes Me Whole Cook, Rich
 John 14 Rasberry, Raymond
 John Three Sixteen Coleman, Jack L.
 Joy Elrich, Dwight (arranger)
 Joybells Lee, Danny
 Just A Dreamer  Mieir, Audrey, Carl E. Farrer, and Wendell St. Clair
 Just As I Am Elrich, Dwight (arranger)
 Just Give Your Life To Him Roseland, Don
 Just One Look Lee, Danny
 Just Take His Hand Again Mieir, Audrey
 Just To Be Close To Thee Gonzalo, Carrie
 Just Trust And Obey Mieir, Audrey
 Keep Looking Up, He’s Coming Down McClenagan, Michael
 Keep Me At The Foot Of The Cross Mieir, Audrey
 Keep On Holding On Lee, Danny
 Kiss Of Holy Cook, Rich
 Kneel A Little Longer Hughes, Keith R.
 Kum Ba Yah Elrich, Dwight (arranger)
 Law Of Love Snyder, Marj
 Lead On (Lord Jesus) Akers, Doris
 Leaving It Up To Jesus Keesecker, Lynn
 Leaving When The First Trumpet Sounds Martin, Gary
 Less Than The Least Mieir, Audrey
 Let Everything With A Breath Cook, Rich
 Let God Be God Keesecker, Lynn
 Let Him Touch You Again Cook, Rich
 Let Jesus Take You By The Hand Kelley, Jeanette and Evelyn Haseltine
 Let My Heart Be Broken  Mieir, Audrey
 Let My Song Be Sung Low, Bonnie
 Let The Light Of The World Shine On Me Cook, Rich
 Let The People Rejoice And Sing Praises Barfoot, Phil
 Let The Redeemed Of The Lord Say So Cook, Rich
 Let Us Love Evans, Dale
 Let’s Celebrate Keesecker, Lynn
 Let’s Get Ready For The Coming Sinclair, Jerry
 Let’s Get Together Christopher, Ronn
 Let’s Keep Growing aka Wedding Song Cull, Robert
 Liberty Christopher, Ronn
 Life Begins At Calvary Brown, Larry and Dale Wade
 Life Eternal Akers, Doris
 Life Just Keeps On Happening Benedict, Em
 Life’s A Vapor Wilson, David
 Lift Up The Name Of Jesus Barfoot, Phil
 Lift Up The Name Of Jesus, Children Barfoot, Phil
 Lift Up Your Voices Wilson, David
 Light Of The World (Crain) Barfoot, Phil
 Light On The Way, The Rodgers, Risa
 Like A Child (Crain) Barfoot, Phil
 Like A Dream Come True Cook, Rich
 Like The Rain That Falls Coleman, Jack L.
 Linger A Little Longer Mieir, Audrey
 Listen To The Man From Galilee Lee, Danny
 Little David Seal, Carl (arranger)
 Little One, Tiny Child Dewett, Louis Mark
 Live In Me Blades, Jack
 Live With The Lord Allen, Richard and Risa Rodgers
 Lonely Smith, Gloria Jeanne
 Longing Mieir, Audrey
 Look At The Cross Again Akers, Doris
 Look To Jesus Cook, Rich
 Look To The Hills Akers, Doris
 Look Up Collins, David L.
 Lord Is My Light, The Akers, Doris
 Lord Make Me Your Vessel Lee, Danny
 Lord Of All Sinclair, Jerry
 Lord Of The Mountain Collins, David L.
 Lord, Don’t Lift Your Spirit Form Me Crouch, Andraé
 Lord, Don’t Move That Mountain Akers, Doris and Mahalia Jackson
 Lord, Have Mercy English, Biney
 Lord, Have Your Way With Me Hatfield, Steve and Leroy McNees
 Lord, I Need You Goodson, Albert A.
 Lord, Keep Me Thine Own Bennard, Mrs. George and Verden Mardell Moffitt
 Lord, Keep My Mind On Thee Akers, Doris
 Lord, Make Me A Minister Boren, Gary and Lynn Keesecker
 Lord, Make Me Your Vessel Lee, Danny
 Lord, Remember Me Gonzalo, Carrie
 Lord, We Praise You English, Biney
 Lord, When I Die Mayers, Carolyn & Betty Nilsen
 Lord, You Do All Things Well Cook, Rich and Wendell St. Clair
 Lords Prayer, The Soderwall, Ron
 Love Kelley, Jeanette
 Love God  Farrer, Carl Edvert (arranger)
 Love In My Heart For Jesus Goodson, Albert A.
 Love Is Now Benedict, Em
 Love Is Something That You Do Barski, Rosalie
 Love Is The Answer Lee, Danny
 Love Is What You Have Culverwell, Andrew
 Love Of A King, The Aderholt, Norman
 Love One Another Barski, Rosalie
 Love Story Harris, Sharon
 Love You Gave Us, The Farrer, Carl Edvert (arranger)
 Magic Touch, The Pieters, Jenny and Dolores (Dory)
 Make Up Your Mind Eckler, Greg
 Mama And Daddy Taught Me How To See The Lord Barry, Jody
 Man Of Galilee, The Culverwell, Andrew
 Manna In The Morning Harris, Sharon
 Marriage Supper Of The Lamb Barski, Rosalie
 Mary Had A Little Lamb Barker, Dan
 Mary’s Lullaby Young, Carolyn Kerr
 Master, Lay Thy Hand On Me Mieir, Audrey
 Matthew 7:7-8 Akers, Doris
 Maybe  Benedict, Em
 Meet Me In Heaven Akers, Doris
 Melody Divine Kerr, Phil
 Melody Of Life, The Mieir, Audrey
 Merry, Merry Christmas Spencer, Hal
 Messiah Is Coming Barker, Dan
 Michael, Row Your Boat Ashore Elrich, Dwight (arranger)
 Mine Just For The Asking Akers, Doris
 Miracle, The Benedict, Em and Olive Ford
 Miracles Happen All The Time Culverwell, Andrew
 Moonlight On The Prairie Nolan, Bob
 More Love To Thee Doane, W.H. and Elizabeth Prentiss
 More Than Just A Man (He Was) Aderholt, Norman
 Mothers Are Important Coleman, Jack L.
 Moving Of The Breath Of God, The Mieir, Audrey
 Music In My Heart Hanson, Hap
 Music Is my Life, Lord Hughes, Keith R.
 My (The) Christmas Song Evensen, Jeanne
 My Christmas Song Bolks, Dick (arranger)
 My Cup Is Filled Mieir, Audrey
 My Expectations Akers, Doris
 My Faith Has Found A Resting Place Soderwall, Ron
 My Faith In God Works For Me Goodson, Albert A.
 My God And King Horsky, Edward L.
 My God Shall Supply Mieir, Audrey
 My God Will Meet Your Every Need English, Biney
 My Heart Is Filled With Jesus’ Love Akers, Doris
 My Heart Is Filled With Song Benedict, Em
 My Heart Went Thata Way Rogers, Roy and Dale Evans
 My King Of All Kings Slaughter, Henry (arranger)
 My Lord, My God My Jesus Brown, Pendleton
 My Love Song Elrich, Dwight (arranger)
 My Love Songs Cull, Robert
 My Name Is John Culverwell, Andrew
 My Song Wolgemuth, Dan
 My Song Of Assurance aka Trusting Akers, Doris
 My Wonderful Jesus Hatfield, Steve and Leroy McNees
 Mystery Of It all, The Haag, Preston
 Nailed aka Time Stood Still On Calvary’s Hill  Mieir, Audrey
 Never Alone McClenagan, Michael
 New Beginning Miller, Steve
 New In The Lord Benedict, Em
 Nicodemus Elrich, Dwight (arranger)
 No Dark Valley’s  Chitwood, Joe
 No Matter What Keesecker, Lynn and Lynn Bowden
 No More Mieir, Audrey
 No Not One Elrich, Dwight (arranger)
 No One But The Lord Akers, Doris
 No One But You Mieir, Audrey
 No Other Name Barfoot, Phil
 No, Not One Crouch, Andraé
 Nobody Else Like You Crouch, Andraé
 Nobody Like The Lord Crouch, Andraé
 Not For Me Mieir, Audrey
 Not Here For Long Mieir, Audrey
 Nothing Less Than A Miracle Keesecker, Lynn and Claire Cloninger
 Nothing Less Than Blessed Cook, Rich and Wendell St. Clair
 Nothing Too Good (For The Lord) Akers, Doris
 Nothing’s Impossible English, Biney
 Now Benedict, Em
 Now There’s A Difference Lee, Danny
 Occupy! Expand The Kingdom Brown, Pendleton
 Of Thee I Sing Walker, Cindy
 Oh Happy Day Elrich, Dwight (arranger)
 Oh I Never Shall Forget The Day Carmichael, Ralph
 Oh That I Knew Farrer, Carl Edvert and Audrey Mieir
 Oh The Joy Barker, Dan
 Oh, How I Love My Jesus St. Clair, Wendell and Audrey Mieir
 Oh, Let Me Walk With Thee Chitwood, Joe
 Oh, Precious Night Of Nights King, Solomon
 Old Cross, The Harmon, Bill
 Old Friend Minkler, Linda
 Old Friend Rodgers, Risa aka Melissa (Crutchfield)
 Old Time Power Seal, Carl (arranger)
 Old Time Revival Cisneroz, Gene C.
 On And On Mieir, Audrey
 On Jordan’s Stormy Banks Elrich, Dwight (arranger)
 Once and For All Keesecker, Lynn and Claire Cloninger
 Once I Dreamed Duncan, Leo
 One I Love, the Mieir, Audrey
 One Tender Moment Mieir, Audrey
 One Touch  Barfoot, Phil
 One Way Harper, Gloria
 One Way Crouch, Andraé
 Only A Prayer Away  Keesecker, Lynn
 Only God Gauthier, Pat and John Danford
 Only Hope We Have, The Jenkins, Margaret Aikens
 Only Key To My Heart, The Coleman, Jack L.
 Only What You Do For Christ Will Last Rasberry, Raymond
 Open Wide The Windows Ashton, Lynn
 Open Your Heart Slaughter, Henry (arranger)
 Open Your Heart (arrangement) Mieir, Audrey
 Over The Sunset Mountains (arrangement) Mieir, Audrey
 Paid It All Lee, Danny
 Pasadena Kid Hatfield, Steve and Leroy McNees
 Pass Me Not, O Gentle Savior Soderwall, Ron
 Patiently Kerr, Phil
 Peace Like A River Chitwood, Joe
 People Of Faith St. Clair, Wendell and Phil Barfoot
 Perfect Will Slaughter, Henry (arranger)
 Perfect Will, The Mieir, Audrey
 Poppy Of Sacrifice, The Mieir, Audrey
 Pouring His Love On Me McClenagan, Michael
 Power Williams, Dick
 Power Of Jesus, The Crouch, Andraé
 Praise God, There’s A Difference Martin, Gary
 Praise The Lord All Ye People Barfoot, Phil
 Praise The Savior Kelly, Thomas
 Praise You, Jesus Barfoot, Phil
 Pray When Everything Goes Wrong Rasberry, Raymond
 Prayer Barfoot, Phil
 Prayer Is The Answer Akers, Doris
 Precious Spencer, Hal
 Princess Song Low, Bonnie
 Prodigal Son, The Slaughter, Henry (arranger)
 Promise Keeper Keesecker, Lynn
 Promise Of Dawn Barker, Dan
 Promises Low, Bonnie
 Promises Of Love Mieir, Audrey
 Psalm 40 Crouch, Andraé
 Psalm Song Barfoot, Phil
 Rain On Me, Reign In Me Knauls, Lilly, Hal Spencer, and Lauren Stalnecker
 Read The Bible Everyday Slaughter, Henry (arranger)
 Ready  Mieir, Audrey
 Ready Anytime You Are  Esau, Terry and Lynn Keesecker
 Real Peace Mieir, Audrey
 Redemption Draweth Nigh Jensen, Gordon
 Rejoice Low, Bonnie
 Rejoice And Sing Gonzalo, Carrie
 Rejoice Young One Highland, John
 Rest In Jesus Gonzalo, Carrie
 Resting In Jesus Wolgemuth, Dan
 Return Again Mieir, Audrey
 Returning For His Bride Brown, Larry and Dale Wade
 Revival Is On It’s Way Janzen Swanson, Darlene
 Revolution Lee, Danny
 Risen Lord, The Williams, Dick
 Road That Never Ends, The Keesecker, Lynn
 Robes Of White, Streets Of Gold Bigler, Mark and Kelly Norwood
 Rose Between Two Thorns, The Correll, Helen
 Ruby Slippers Fuller, George II and Claire Cloninger
 Ruins Of a Soul Hughes, Keith R.
 Safe In His Precious Arms Duncan, Leo
 Saved By The Blood Brown, Pendleton
 Savior Lead Me Barker, Dan
 Savior, Christ My Lord, The Spencer, Hal
 Savior, Like A Shepherd Lead Us Elrich, Dwight (arranger)
 Say Amen Mieir, Audrey
 Scriptural Exhortation Barfoot, Phil
 Scriptural Instruction Barfoot, Phil
 Second To None Esau, Terry and Lynn Keesecker
 Secret Place Harris, Sharon
 See His Glory Cook, Rich
 See Me Through Mieir, Audrey
 Seeds Atkins, Susan
 Seek And Ye Shall Find Elrich, Dwight (arranger)
 Seeking (Camel’s Song) Barker, Dan
 Shelter, The Mieir, Audrey
 Shepherd Boy Benedict, Em and Olive Ford
 Show Me Mieir, Audrey
 Silent Wedding Prayer Sundell, Florence
 Since I Found My Life In Him Young, Carolyn Kerr
 Since The Lord Saved Me Goodson, Albert A.
 Sing A New Song Barski, Rosalie
 Sing Alleluia Best, Trevor D.
 Sing Christmas Barfoot, Phil
 Sing Hallelujah Sinclair, Jerry
 Sing Me A Good Ol’ Gospel Song Keesecker, Lynn and Hal Spencer
 Sing Praise Barski, Rosalie
 Sing Praise, Give Thanks Coleman, Jack L.
 Sinner Man Wolgemuth, Dan
 Sky Dove Barski, Rosalie
 Smile Barski, Rosalie
 Smile On His Face Never Fades, The Akers, Doris
 Smile, Brother, Smile Lee, Danny
 Smile, God Loves You Collins, David L.
 Smile, Jesus Love You  Hatfield, Steve and Leroy McNees
 Smiling Through Lintz, Harry McCormick and Vere Raley
 Snow Barski, Rosalie
 So Great His Love Doornbos, Mary L.
 So Soon It Is Over  Mieir, Audrey
 So Sow Love Stalnecker, Lauren
 Soft Winds Barski, Rosalie
 Somebody Loves You Lee, Danny
 Somebody Touched Me Elrich, Dwight (arranger)
 Someday Mieir, Audrey
 Someday I’ll See His Face Crouch, Andraé
 Something For Thee Soderwall, Ron
 Something More   Mieir, Audrey
 Something To Be Thankful For Herbert, Oscar Arthur
 Something Within  Peters, Dale
 Sometimes Harper, Redd
 Somewhere You Were There Culverwell, Andrew
 Somewhere, Someone Culverwell, Andrew
 Son Of David Culverwell, Andrew
 Song Of The Prodigal Spencer, Glenn J.
 Songs For Little People Coleman, Jack L.
 Soon Gauthier, Pat and John Danford
 Soon Mieir, Audrey
 Soon I Shall See His Face Spencer, Hal
 Speak To Me Mieir, Audrey
 Special Gift  Lenzkes, Sue and Dan Barker
 Spread A Little Love Around Lee, Danny
 Start Smilin’ Again Larson, Robert C. and Lynn Keesecker
 Starting Over Cook, Rich
 Step By Step Gonzalo, Carrie
 Stone Cold Walls Collins, David L.
 Stop Trying, Start Trusting Smith, Donald H.
 Strength With All Might Smith, Donald H.
 Suddenly I See Mieir, Audrey
 Sun Of My Soul Boersma, James G. (arranger)
 Sunday Morning Christian Andersen, Steve
 Sunlight Boersma, James G. (arranger)
 Sunlight In My Soul Seal, Carl (arranger)
 Sunshine Valley (I’m Living In) Doornbos, Mary L.
 Surely I Can Believe Spencer, Glenn J.
 Surrender Mieir, Audrey
 Sweet Anointing English, Biney
 Sweet By and By Soderwall, Ron
 Sweet Jesus Akers, Doris
 Sweet Jesus Is Mine Peters, Dale
 Sweet Peace Akers, Doris
 Sweet Vibrations Collins, David L.
 Sweet, Sweet Spirit Akers, Doris
 Sweeter Is Jesus Orr, J. Edwin
 Swing Down Chariot Elrich, Dwight (arranger)
 Take A Step For God Coleman, Jack L.
 Take Me Jesus Christopher, Ronn
 Take Me, Jesus Roseland, Don
 Take The Name Of Jesus Akers, Doris
 Take This World (And Give Me Jesus) Christopher, Ronn
 Tarry In Jerusalem Tells, Luke
 Taste And See That The Lord Is Good Cook, Rich
 Tell About Jesus Gonzalo, Carrie
 Tell Him Your Sorrow Chitwood, Joe
 Tell Me What Would You Do Goodson, Albert A.
 Tell Me Why St. Clair, Wendell and Audrey Mieir
 Temptation  Mieir, Audrey
 Ten Billion Reasons Doornbos, Mary L.
 Ten Thousand Tongues Akers, Doris
 Thank You For All The Happy Things We Share Coleman, Jack L.
 Thank You Lord Price, Randy
 Thank You Lord For The Spirit Lundgren, Ruth
 Thanks For The Rain aka Holy Spirit Thanks For The Ra Akers, Doris
 That Name Barfoot, Phil
 That’s The Lord, That’s His Way Akers, Doris
 That’s What My God Is For Lee, Danny
 The Statue Bennet, Conrad
 Then It Must Be So Mieir, Audrey and Wendell St. Clair
 There Could Never Be Another aka Jesus Is The Rock Doornbos, Mary L.
 There Is A Light Spencer, Glenn J.
 There Is A Name Crouch, Andraé
 There Is Nothing Too Good For The Lord Akers, Doris
 There Is One Barker, Dan
 There Is One Who Will Listen aka This One Doornbos, Mary L.
 There Never Was A Christmas Day Ford, Olive and Em Benedict
 There Stands The Cross McFall, Misty
 There’ll Be Bread Culverwell, Andrew
 There’s A Home That Will Never Be Broken Cook, Rich
 There’s A New World Waiting Lee, Danny
 There’s No Sitting On The Fence Culverwell, Andrew
 These Times Must Come Akers, Doris
 They Need Jesus Ortega, Rick
 This Could Be The Day Aderholt, Norman
 This House Is Full Of Healing Brown, Pendleton
 This I Know Mieir, Audrey
 This Is My Father’s World Elrich, Dwight (arranger)
 This Is One Barker, Dan
 This Is The Song Culverwell, Andrew
 This May Be The Day, This May Be The Night Keesecker, Lynn and Randy Thomas
 This Old World Can Never Hold Me Norwood, Kelley, Mark Bigler and Tim Spencer
 This One aka There Is One Who Will Listen Doornbos, Mary L.
 This Wicked World  Norwood, Kelley, Tim Spencer and Mark Bigler
 Thomas Culverwell, Andrew
 Thou Remainest Mieir, Audrey
 Three Crosses For Three Men Coleman, Jack L.
 Three Little Pigs, The Mieir, Audrey
 Through It All Crouch, Andraé
 Through Some Other Eyes Culverwell, Andrew
 Thy Word Is Love Albert, Joann
 Time  Benedict, Em
 Time Of Refreshing, The Mieir, Audrey
 Time Stood Still On Calvary’s Hill Mieir, Audrey
 Time To Renew Keesecker, Lynn
 Tiny Baby, The Culverwell, Andrew
 Tis So Sweet To Trust Elrich, Dwight (arranger)
 To All Generations Spencer, Glenn J.
 To Be Used Of God Mieir, Audrey
 To Me It’s Wonderful Akers, Doris
 To Whom Your Heart Belongs Aderholt, Norman
 To You I Give The Power Culverwell, Andrew
 Today Is The First Day Mieir, Audrey
 Tomorrow Benedict, Em
 Tomorrow  St. Clair, Wendell and Audrey Mieir
 Tonka Toy Christian McClenagan, Michael
 Touch Me Again One More Time Harris, Sharon
 Touch Me Just Now Mieir, Audrey
 Touch Me Savior Ulrich, Lorraine
 Touch Of His Hand Kerr, Phil
 Traveling On Chivera, Eli
 Trouble Akers, Doris
 Truly Trust Mieir, Audrey
 Trust In Me Culverwell, Andrew
 Trust Me And See Keesecker, Lynn
 Trusting Chitwood, Joe
 Trusting aka My Song Of Assurance Akers, Doris
 Trusting In Thee Chitwood, Joe
 Try Jesus Hatfield, Steve and Leroy McNees
 Twice As Good Lively, Steve
 Unless You Confess Mieir, Audrey
 Unless You Help Me Lord Mieir, Audrey
 Untold Millions (Still Untold)  Mieir, Audrey
 Upright Man Farner, Mark and Lauren Stalnecker
 Use Me, Dear Lord Nilsen, W. Betty and Donald H. Smith
 Ven A Mi Senor Bonilla, Manuel and Dan Barker
 Virtuous Woman Harris, Sharon
 Walk By Faith Barski, Rosalie
 Walk In The Sunshine Akers, Doris
 Walk On By Barry, Jody
 Walkin’ And Talkin’ With Jesus Harper, Redd
 Walking Down The Line Hatfield, Steve and Leroy McNees
 Walking On A Rainbow McClenagan, Michael
 Wanderer, The Spencer, Glenn J.
 Wanna Go To Heaven Akers, Doris
 Warm Up Song Coleman, Jack L.
 Watcha Gonna Do Culverwell, Andrew
 We Are Almost Home Cook, Rich
 We Get Lifted Up Keesecker, Lynn and Spencer, Hal
 We Have Come To Worship As A Body St. Clair, Wendell and Phil Barfoot
 We Shall Not Be Moved Elrich, Dwight (arranger)
 We’ll Be There Mieir, Audrey
 We’re Going Forward Goodson, Albert A.
 We’ve Come This Far By Faith Goodson, Albert A.
 Wedding Song aka Let’s Keep Growing Cull, Robert
 Weekend Daddy Larson, Robert C. and Lynn Keesecker
 Welcome Barfoot, Phil
 Welcome To The Family Cull, Robert
 Well Done, Come Home Griswold, Hilton and Jack Shuler
 Wesley Brothers, The Shuler, Jack, Tim Spencer, and Hilton Griswold
 What A Gift Cook, Rich
 What A Life Williams, Dick
 What A Savior He Is  Keesecker, Lynn, Claire Cloninger, and Mark Lowry
 What A Wonderful Way To Go Spencer, Hal
 What Do You Do When You Go To Church Coleman, Jack L.
 What Ever Happens Chitwood, Joe
 What Ever It Takes Chitwood, Joe
 What Makes A Man Turn His Back On God Crouch, Andraé
 What Was His Purpose  Lee, Danny
 What Wondrous Love Elrich, Dwight (arranger)
 What Would It Mean Rasberry, Raymond
 What’s In A Name Keesecker, Lynn and Claire Cloninger
 When He Comes Mieir, Audrey
 When He Comes Again Thayne, Mirla Greenwood
 When He Walks By How Will I know Him Nolan, Bob 
 When I Can Read My Title Clear Elrich, Dwight (arranger)
 When I Look Back Lee, Danny
 When I Stand Before My Savior Spencer, Hal and Walt Mills
 When Jesus Came Streblow, Mrs. Vernon
 When Jesus Wants Your Heart Wenning, Alva
 When The Savior Comes Mieir, Audrey
 When The Trumpet Sounds Long Brown, Pendleton
 When We All Get To Heaven  Brown, Larry and Dale Wade
 When We See Him Face To Face Barfoot, Phil
 When Will We Learn Lee, Danny
 When You Pray Mieir, Audrey
 Where Are You Going Lee, Danny
 Where Do I Go From Here Mieir, Audrey
 Where The Spirit Of The Lord  Elrich, Dwight (arranger)
 Whisper One Name Mieir, Audrey
 Whispering Hope Roe, Gloria and Billy Liebert
 White Clouds Snyder, Marj
 Who Do You Say That I Am Culverwell, Andrew
 Who Is He Mieir, Audrey
 Why Settle For Anything Less Roseland, Don
 Wicked Old Pharaoh Culverwell, Andrew
 Will He Know Me Mieir, Audrey
 Will There Be Sagebrush In Heaven Walla, Pearl and Charles While
 Willing To Go  Mieir, Audrey
 Willingly Esau, Terry
 Winter Rain, The Finch, John D. and Robert Adon Fink
 With A Little Help From My Friends ( Music For Organ) Bock, Fred (arranger)
 Witness Song, The Chitwood, Joe
 Wonder Of It All, The  Ferrin, Paul (arranger)
 Wonderful Guest  Lehman, Lois Paul
 Wonderful Guest aka Christmas Everyday Mieir, Audrey (arranger
 Wonderful World Eckler, Greg
 Word Is Love, The Young, Bobbi
 Word Of God Endureth, The  Mieir, Audrey
 Work For The Night Is Coming Mason, L. and  A. Walker
 Work For The Night Is Coming Mieir, Audrey (arranger)
 Work Through Me Mieir, Audrey
 Works Of Heart Keesecker, Lynn
 Worship Him Christopher, Ronn
 Worship Leader Barfoot, Phil
 Worship Medley Barfoot, Phil
 Worship The Lord Salazar, Louie
 Would You Go Mieir, Audrey
 Wrapped Up, Tied Up, Tangled all Up In Jesus Lee, Danny
 Yes, He Did  Elrich, Dwight (arranger)
 Yes, He Is Coming Mieir, Audrey
 Yes, Lord, Yes Keesecker, Lynn
 Yesterday Elrich, Dwight and Dennis Denning
 You Ask Me Why Ford, Olive and Em Benedict
 You Can Clap Benedict, Em
 You Can Move That Mountain Lee, Danny
 You Can See About Me Lee, Danny
 You Can’t Beat God Giving Akers, Doris
 You Can’t Run Away Culverwell, Andrew
 You Gotta Walk Culverwell, Andrew
 You Have To Rise And Go Mieir, Audrey
 You Ought To Walk Right Duncan, Leo
 You’re A Friend To Me Cull, Robert
 You’re Singing My Song Barry, Jody
 You’ve Gotta Get Jesus Brown, Pendleton
 Young One Low, Bonnie
 Your Life Is At Hand Williams, Charles
 Your Shining Hour     Mieir, Audrey