Stuart K. Hine was born in 1899 in England.  His parents dedicated him to God during a time when opposition was strong against those who proclaimed Christ.  He accepted Christ as Savior in 1914, and as a young boy knew he would be devoting his life to full time ministry.  His background in the Salvation Army gave him a zeal for the Lord and for Christian music that would play an important part in his ministry the rest of his life.


After serving in the armed forces, Mr. Hine was called to the ministry and to the mission field.  For many years he served in Poland, Russia, and Czechoslovakia.  It was during missionary work in these foreign countries that Mr. Hine composed many of the songs for which he is well-known for today.


Most of the income that the S. K. Hine Trust receives from his song royalties is dedicated to various ministries, organizations, and churches around the world.