MANNA MUSIC "Andrew Culverwell"


Andrew was born December 19, 1944 in Somerset, England.  He was educated at Holyrood School in Somerset and studied acting at Italia Conti Stage School  in London.  His interest in music did not develop until he was 16 years of age, when he discovered that without any musical instruction, he could play the piano and write songs.


Soon after leaving school, he worked in a shoe factor, and his evenings and week-ends were spent traveling throughout Great Britain with a contemporary gospel group called The Four Kingsmen.  Andrew had become a Christian at the age of 17, and The Four Kingsmen gave him the opportunity to share his faith with others trough his songs.  He sang and played organ with the group for four years before developing his own world-wide ministry as a solo artist.


Those first few years as a touring soloist were difficult.  However, a British record producer named Norrie Paramor liked the young singer’s personality, as well as his songs, and decided to produce Andrew’s first solo album, called Where Is The Love, released on Polydor Records, a British company.


Then, in 1973, Andrae’ Crouch brought Andrew into the office of Hal Spencer, president of Manna Records.  I recall the day as if it were yesterday says Spencer.  Here was a handsome British blond with briefcase in hand and a smile on his face.  I thought to myself, it must be his looks and his British accent that everyone is so excited about.  But, when he began to sing, I knew it was because he was a good singer, too.  However, there are lots of goods singers around.  Then, after listening closely to his own compositions, I knew what had generated all of the enthusiasm.  It was the inner-man that everyone was so sold on.


The effect of Andrew Culverwell and his music is contagious.  At his first Manna recording session, what sometimes is just routine for the musicians, turned out to be something special.  During the first break, the phone was busy with calls to friends and family telling them to come over and hear this new singer from England.  Since that time, Andrew has traveled to Scandinavia, New Zealand, Australia, Ireland, Finland, Canada, the Far East, and America.


His first album was entitled Andrew and his second album was Born (Again).  Andrew wrote all of the songs on both albums.



Andraé was inducted into the Gospel Music Hall of Fame in 1998.